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Prospective Members


Under Article II of The Pace International Law Review (PILR) Constitution, students of Pace Law School may become Junior Associates of the PILR in one of two ways:

1. Invitation by Class Standing

Day students who have completed their first year, as well as evening students who have completed either their first or second year, and are ranked within the top five (5%) percent of their class will automatically be invited to join PILR.

Those students who rank in the top 6% to 15% of their class will be invited on to one of the Law Reviews at Pace University School of Law, not necessarily PILR. This decision will be left to the Editor-in-Chief and reflects the needs of PILR.

2. Invitation by Writing Competition

Day students who have completed their first year, or evening students who have completed either their first or second year, shall be eligible to compete in the Unified Law Review Writing Competition, provided that they are ranked in the top fortieth (40%) percentile of their class at the end of that year. The Board of Editors shall determine the number of students invited to become Junior Associates of the PILR. Invitations will be based on the combination of each student’s class standing and competition score. However, the Board in its discretion reserves the right to invite a certain percentage of eligible students to become Junior Associates of the PILR solely on the basis of class standing or solely on the basis of writing ability.

The number of Junior Associates will be limited to fifteen (15) students. Junior Associates must fulfill all requirements within their first year of membership in order to qualify as a permanent member.

Requirements for Full Membership include:

a. All students invited join PILR as Junior Associates must commit to membership for two full years.

b. Each Junior Associate is required to write a Case Note or Comment of publishable quality as set forth in the Handbook. Any Junior Associate who does not fulfill this requirement will not be eligible for full membership.

Those Junior Associates whose articles the Editors have accepted and who have successfully discharged all their responsibilities, as set forth in the Handbook will be eligible for full membership. Selection of members by the Board of Editors shall commence no later than the end of March. Junior Associates who do not fulfill their duties in accordance with the timetables established for them by the Editors will lose their status as Associates and will not be eligible for a position as Senior Associate or Editor.

All submissions to the PILR, whether through the Writing Competition or otherwise, must comply with the Pace Law School Code of Academic Integrity.

Senior Associates

Members who have successfully completed all assigned work during their first year on the PILR and who are not elected as officers are eligible to be elected as Senior Associates for their second year on the PILR. Senior Associate designation is not a matter of right, but is rather recognition of substantial contribution to the PILR. Senior Associates shall be responsible for independently editing at least one article per semester, or working in conjunction with an articles group, as the Editor-in-Chief shall direct.

Duties of Junior Associates and Senior Staff

The PILR requires a two-year commitment. The two-year commitment may be waived by the Board of Editors, as its sole discretion, for students who indicate early in their PILR tenure that they intend to graduate one semester early or to participate in the Pace London Program in their last semester of law school. A program for making up the work that would be missed must accompany such waiver.

Duties of Junior and Senior Associates involve at least the following:

  • 1. Substance and Citation checking of articles and other pieces for publication;
  • 2. Weekend and vacation-time office work;
  • 3. Attending all PILR meetings, Symposia and Blaine Sloan lectures;
  • 4. Completing any other tasks assigned by any editor.

    For additional information, see the PILR constitution or contact the Editor-in-Chiefpilr@law.pace.edu.