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Interim Report

The above names mentioned as authors are the principal faculty investigators for the project with the following as student collaborators: Matthew Pellegrine, Site Manager (Lubin) Brendan McNamara, Designer; Christina Melander, Producer (Dyson) Alexa D’Agostino and Albi Xhafa, Developers (Seidenberg)


Our overall goal for this project is to create a website that builds an increased awareness of Pace’s literary magazine, VOX Arts & Literary Journal. Over the years, the paper version of the magazine although somewhat effective, has become lacking in certain areas. We wanted to create something that would really get Vox’s name out there and generate more involvement from the students as well as faculty and administrators. We felt that by having a website, students and faculty can post and submit their works all year round, instead of twice a year as it is now. With more submission options such as posting poetry, prose, artwork, and other such pieces, more students and faculty would submit more works.