This document was originally published as a Technical Report (No. 182) for the CSIS (Computer Science and Information Systems) Department in 2002.

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In the academic year 2001-2, Pace University CSIS students served the community by developing real-world computer information systems for actual customers.We describe the general use of team projects in CSIS at Pace University, the real-world projects for this academic year, the benefits of including real-world projects in the curriculum, and their cost in terms of the instructor load and the project development infrastructure. We found that the benefits of our method of structuring and conducting real-world projects far outweight the cost of providing them. The projects provide valuable systems for the customers, aloow the students to develop technical and value skills, foster interdisciplincary collaboration, encourage student involvement in the university ahd the local communities, support student and faculty research, enhance relationships between the university and local technology companies, and increase national recognition of the university.