Originally submitted and published simultaneously in Journal of Business & Finance Librarianship (The Haworth Press, an imprint of The Haworth Press, Inc) Vol 7, No 2/3, 2002, pp.87-98, and Library Services for Business Students in Distance Education : Issues and Trends (ed. Shari Buxbaum, The Haworth Information Press, an imprint of The Haworth Press Inc., 2002, pp. 87-98.

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This article outlines Pace University Library's commitment to address the needs of the university distance education populace.Discussion focuses on one of the programs offered by Pace University, e-MBA (executive MBA). Pace University Library offers many services to meet the research needs of its remote users. These include remote access to electronic resources, Interlibrary Loan, a toll-free number, and an online form for submission of reference queries. To improve document delivery services, the library subsidizes SUMO uncover, and also uses Digital sender to e-mail or fax documents to students. Pace University LIbrary continuously looks at new methods to effectively serve its distance education populace.