A Case for Agile Techniques in Pedagogy - A Test Driven Agile Approach to Course Delivery

Helen Adesuwa Uzamere, Pace University


Educators are continually searching for techniques to improve knowledge retention in the classroom. This research makes a case for employing agile techniques in pedagogical practices. The premise for the research is that poor knowledge retention exists because teaching typically follows a traditional waterfall approach, which studies show to be ineffective in software development. Agile software development, on the other hand, has gained acceptance due to its flexible approach and lightweight methodologies. The need for a flexible approach that adapts to students’ needs and focuses on value should be the new norm in the classroom. The “learn and forget” style of rote learning should be discouraged. This research proposes that delivering the course in order of importance, constant stakeholder collaboration, and adapting the delivery based on feedback can improve learning and knowledge retention. Through a test-driven development approach, continuous planning and frequent feedback, the research further proposes that students feel valued and because of this iterative planning and feedback loop, can continuously align course objectives to desired learning throughout the process. The research focuses on agile principles to enhance the teaching delivery methods and student learning in the classroom. This research does not focus on agile practices such as Scrum or eXtreme Programming (XP). The main objective of the research is to determine if incorporating agile principles provides any benefits to knowledge retention. The researcher proposes that an agile approach will improve students’ learning, retention, and satisfaction.

Subject Area

Pedagogy|Educational technology|Computer science

Recommended Citation

Uzamere, Helen Adesuwa, "A Case for Agile Techniques in Pedagogy - A Test Driven Agile Approach to Course Delivery" (2016). ETD Collection for Pace University. AAI10145352.



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