The Relationship between Highly Analytical Marketing Practices and Marketing Performance

Anthony F Branda, Pace University


Marketing Analytics is a relatively new but increasingly prominent field in which data tools are applied to quantify and monitor marketing performance and customer information to optimize investments in marketing programs and maximizing customer interaction. Marketing Analytics is a sub-discipline of broader analytics and includes the people, processes and technology to generate insights that improve marketing performance. In this B2B study, the author established a set of predictors that help determine the degree to which a firm’s marketing function is analytically driven. The research builds on extant theories of market orientation by establishing the presence of a new construct known as Marketing Analytics Orientation (MAO) through qualitative and quantitative research methods including factor analysis and structured equation modeling. Firms in the study are scored on the MAO Index and the characteristics of the more analytical firms are discussed. Furthermore, the study explores the relationship between the factors that comprise Marketing Analytics Orientation (MAO) and Marketing Performance (MP).

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Branda, Anthony F, "The Relationship between Highly Analytical Marketing Practices and Marketing Performance" (2017). ETD Collection for Pace University. AAI10829815.



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