A Mixed-Methods Evaluation of the Feasibility of a Group Treatment for Depression Among Immigrant High School Students

Allison M Hill, Pace University


Despite the well-known efficacy of evidence-based treatments in treating depression in youth (Weersing & Weisz, 2002), few studies have examined their effectiveness among immigrant youth, nor the process of implementing these treatments in schools with diverse populations (Huey & Polo, 2008; Ngo et al., 2008). Accordingly, there has been a call for research examining the effectiveness of evidence-based treatments with culturally diverse youth (David-Ferdon & Kaslow, 2008; Kataoka, Novins, & Santiago, 2010), particularly immigrant youth (Pena et al., 2008; Potochnick & Perreira, 2010). This study represents an important first step in that process, the examination of the feasibility of a group treatment for depression among immigrant high school students. An evidence-based group treatment was offered to immigrant students who displayed depressive symptoms in a diverse, urban high school, and data was collected on the implementation process. Quantitative data revealed that therapists were able to implement the majority of treatment components with satisfactory fidelity. However, low student attendance and retention rates suggested that the group treatment was not feasible as implemented. Qualitative analyses of interviews and treatment notes provided a detailed description of the barriers and facilitators of the group treatment and also suggested avenues for improving the feasibility of future mental health interventions in diverse school settings. Results will inform future efforts to transport evidence-based treatments into diverse, urban schools, thus improving outcomes for immigrant youth.

Subject Area

Psychology|Clinical psychology

Recommended Citation

Hill, Allison M, "A Mixed-Methods Evaluation of the Feasibility of a Group Treatment for Depression Among Immigrant High School Students" (2018). ETD Collection for Pace University. AAI10836777.



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