Adopting NoSQL Databases Using a Quality Attribute Framework and Risks Analysis

Hilda J Mackin, Pace University


NoSQL has emerged in recent years to provide increased scalability and performance, and organizations have experienced challenges when considering traditional SQL and NoSQL databases. The research provides a framework for software engineers and architects to select a NoSQL database for a big data environment and domain which best suits the organization. It proposes a Quality Attribute Framework and Risk Analysis of NoSQL databases that can measure quality metrics associated with Availability, Security and Additional Attributes which are critical to choosing the right NoSQL database for a given domain and to making better software development and design decisions. The framework will help IT departments align perceived risks of NoSQL database adoption with actual risks, helping IT managers in their database adoption and in the identification of potential challenges that affect the modern database technologies. The framework developed will be finalized through a qualitative analysis of risk vectors via surveys of top IT leaders and IT companies.

Subject Area

Computer science|Computer Engineering

Recommended Citation

Mackin, Hilda J, "Adopting NoSQL Databases Using a Quality Attribute Framework and Risks Analysis" (2017). ETD Collection for Pace University. AAI13428191.



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