Healing The Healer: Understanding and Promoting Resilience Among Mental Health Clinicians

Talia Zarbiv, Pace University


In recent years, the notion of resilience has become a very popular area of study within the mental health field. The resilient individual is one who is able to effectively deal with challenges and crises, which makes resilience an important concept among mental health practitioners. Yet there is no single, agreed upon definition of resilience, which can hinder the impact of such research. The present study explores the various definitions of research through the lens of the mental health clinician by asking questions related to the concept of resilience. Results indicate that mental health practitioners have varied definitions of resilience, but tend to practice building up their own resilience and that of their patients in similar ways. These strategies are explored in detail throughout the study.

Subject Area

Clinical psychology

Recommended Citation

Zarbiv, Talia, "Healing The Healer: Understanding and Promoting Resilience Among Mental Health Clinicians" (2019). ETD Collection for Pace University. AAI27794089.



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