Personality and Birth Order Based on Family Size

Uriel Krakauer, Pace University


The relationship between birth order and personality has been widely studied, with varied results. There have been findings that have led psychologists to attempt to explain the dynamic involved. However, there has been an unfortunate lack of research into these elements within larger families. This study examined the effects of birth order on personality, particularly within larger family structures. One hundred and twenty-six adults completed a questionnaire regarding their birth position and family size, followed by the BFI-2, a measure of the Big Five traits of personality. It was hypothesized that number of siblings would mediate the relationship between birth order and personality. It was further hypothesized that family size would have a significant impact on personality. The results indicated an association between Firstborn status and elevated Conscientiousness. Family size did not appear to augment or offset the relationship. Sibship size was found to be a significant predictor of Agreeableness, Extraversion, Altruism, and Compliance. Finally, gender was found to effect personality, primarily in the areas of Conscientiousness and Self-Discipline/Order. This study will help further research into understanding sibling dynamics and the relationship between family size and personality.

Subject Area

Individual & family studies|Psychology

Recommended Citation

Krakauer, Uriel, "Personality and Birth Order Based on Family Size" (2020). ETD Collection for Pace University. AAI28289004.



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