A pervasive computing solution to asset, problem and knowledge management

Suman Kumar Kalia, Pace University


In this dissertation we show that a pervasive computing approach to asset, problem, and knowledge management has a major positive impact on the cost-effectiveness and productivity of the Technical Support Function. Specifically, we show that it reduces time to complete all major tasks of the helpdesk functions and it leads to faster data availability, improved data quality, improved help desk effectiveness, improved help desk Return on Investment, lower overall Total Cost of Ownership, and increased user satisfaction. The research activities include the conceptualization, design, and construction of working wireless laptop and Pocket PC 2000 operating System PDA based asset, problem and knowledge management systems. These systems assist in the management of a divisional desktop support team across the U.S. The systems work on a Lotus Notes Domino based server supporting both wired desktops, wireless laptops, and wireless PDAs.

Subject Area

Computer science

Recommended Citation

Kalia, Suman Kumar, "A pervasive computing solution to asset, problem and knowledge management" (2002). ETD Collection for Pace University. AAI3096584.



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