An agile course-delivery approach

Mirkeya Capellan, Pace University


In the world of software development, agile methodologies have gained popularity thanks to their lightweight methodologies and flexible approach. Many advocates believe that agile methodologies can provide significant benefits if applied in the educational environment as a teaching method. The need for an approach that engages and motivates students, facilitates the teachers' delivery methods, and adapt to the new wave of student population coming into the classroom is vital. Today, the student population is diversified with a wide range of educational backgrounds and learning styles. In addition, the exposure of technology into their everyday lives has affected the way students learn and therefore traditional teaching methods may no longer be sufficient to cope with this new generation of learners. Therefore, traditional approaches may need to be revamped to provide a learning environment where collaboration, teamwork, interaction, frequent feedback, and quick adaptability to students' immediate learning needs are part of the teacher's repertoire. This project uses a mix of agile teaching practices together as a package and taken to the “extreme” to enhance the teaching delivery methods and students' learning in the classroom. This research does not concentrate on teaching or doing agile software development. The main objective is to determine if incorporating the essence of agile principles as a package provides any benefits to the effectiveness of pedagogical techniques. It is proposed that the students' learning, motivation, and satisfaction will be enhanced in the process.

Subject Area

Educational technology|Higher education|Computer science

Recommended Citation

Capellan, Mirkeya, "An agile course-delivery approach" (2009). ETD Collection for Pace University. AAI3399588.



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