Validating Academic Training versus Organizational Training: An Analysis in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Field

Jill O'Sullivan, Pace University


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are packaged software applications that support most of an organization’s informational needs within and across functional areas of the organization. Modern ERP systems serve as the foundation for a wide range of e-business models within one company, as well as throughout the value chain. ERP programs are core software used by companies to coordinate information in every area of business. This is important because ERP helps manage companywide business processes through the utilization of a common database and shared management reporting tools. This study explored industry ERP training of employees new to ERP, and compared this latter group to college students prepared with ERP skills from a college ERP class. University and industry collaborations allow for a hands-on experience in the classroom that replicates industry applications by using real world tools. This synergistic relationship provides opportunities for students to acquire knowledge using a tangible tool that imitates what is utilized in the industry. The study also noted that schools supported by several ERP vendor initiatives are increasingly integrating enterprise systems in their curricula. The implications of these findings are extremely beneficial in the advancement of ERP education at the college level. The revolutionary nature of this study provides decisive details that are necessary for the advancement of this field. The resultant data identifies pertinent information that businesses consider valuable in their employees’ ERP training. This noteworthy correlation, between college prepared students and employees new to ERP who have gone through ERP training, examined case studies of students who are now in the workforce. This study also exposes these students’ distinct advantage because of their ERP learning experience, and compares it to companies’ ERP training practices. The intent, as in any educational environment, is not only to help students attain an understanding of the material, but to also master that material in the environment in which they will be required to use it. Key Words: ERP-enterprise resource planning, enterprise system, database, curriculum, training, comprehension, vendor and industry.

Subject Area

Gender studies

Recommended Citation

O'Sullivan, Jill, "Validating Academic Training versus Organizational Training: An Analysis in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Field" (2011). ETD Collection for Pace University. AAI3514805.



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