The Relationship between 'OCEAN' Personality Dimensions, Demographics, and Online Dating Attitudes and Behaviors

Karen Marks Pinto, Pace University


Previous research has found the Internet and computer-mediated communication to be a rapidly developing virtual world that is impacting the way in which individuals interact with others. Specifically, online dating sites have become a tremendously popular and widespread method for meeting individuals and forming romantic relationships. While this new mode of dating is quickly developing and research has begun to examine various aspects of personality characteristics as they relate to online dating, there are still numerous questions regarding the relationship among personality traits, demographics, and online dating that remain unanswered. A review of the related literature reveals a need to further delve into this area and obtain an understanding of those personality traits and demographics that significantly relate to various components of online dating. Consequently, this study aims to contribute to this rapidly expanding area of research by examining the degree to which individuals' OCEAN personality dimensions and demographics relate to attitudes towards and behaviors on online dating sites. This study examined the use of online dating sites among 230 participants. The study explored the degree to which the participants' OCEAN personality traits and demographic variables relate to their personal attitudes towards the use of online dating. In addition, the participants' OCEAN personality traits and demographic variables were related to various behaviors on online dating sites. Lastly, interaction effects of the participants' demographics such as age, level of education, and relationship status were also analyzed when examining the relationship between personality traits and online dating attitudes and behaviors. In doing so, this study considers the degree to which personality traits and demographics play a role in individuals' use of online dating sites. Results reveal numerous significant relationships between individuals' personality traits and demographic variables as they relate to individuals' attitudes towards online dating. Additionally, various findings were discovered when examining individuals' personality traits and demographics variables (e.g., gender, religious affiliation, online dating history) in relation to individuals' decontextualized and contextualized online dating behaviors related to self-disclosure, activeness (initiative taking), and degree of importance of others' profiles. Overall, these findings add to the growing field of cyberpsychology and online dating. The results hopefully help inform psychological practice in terms of understanding individuals' interpersonal relationships that occur over the Internet as well as help guide future areas of related research.

Subject Area

Social psychology|Personality psychology|Web Studies

Recommended Citation

Pinto, Karen Marks, "The Relationship between 'OCEAN' Personality Dimensions, Demographics, and Online Dating Attitudes and Behaviors" (2013). ETD Collection for Pace University. AAI3570713.



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