Examining the Relationship between Parenting Perceptions and Online Gaming

Smith Kidkarndee, Pace University


The purpose of this current study was to contribute to the existing parenting and online gaming literature by investigating the relationship between the perceptions of parenting (in both parents and non-parents), as outlined by the Parent Development Theory (PDT) and online gaming behaviors, as measured by the Online Gaming Use Questionnaire (OGUQ) and the Game Addiction Scale (GAS). The influences of gender, ethnic/racial background, age, and parental status were also considered to explore the relationship between parenting perceptions and online game behaviors. The final sample consisted of 334 online participants from the United States (83.2%) and other international countries (16.8%). Participants completed three online measures via Qualtrics: the Online Gaming Use Questionnaire (OGUQ), the Game Addiction Scale (GAS), and the Parenting Behavior Importance Questionnaire -- Revised (PBIQ-R). The results indicate that online gaming use is best measured by considering individuals' current level of gaming, dedication to gaming, as well as time spent on games daily and weekly. The results also demonstrate that participants' level of online gaming behaviors, as measured by the GAS, influences their perceptions of parenting, as assessed by the PBIQ-R. For example, the lowered importance of parenting behaviors, such as bonding, education, responsivity, sensitivity, negativity, and positivity were predicted by the conflict subscale (GASC) of the GAS. The GAS scores were associated with problematic online gaming behaviors such as salience, tolerance, mood modification, relapse, withdrawal, conflict, and problems. Significant group differences in demographic variables such as gender, ethnic/racial background, and parental status were found with regard to online gaming behaviors and parenting perceptions.

Subject Area

Developmental psychology|Cognitive psychology|Web Studies

Recommended Citation

Kidkarndee, Smith, "Examining the Relationship between Parenting Perceptions and Online Gaming" (2014). ETD Collection for Pace University. AAI3579980.



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