Parenting Perceptions and Child Behavioral and Emotional Development in an Orthodox Jewish Sample

Eitan J Bitter, Pace University


Research shows that parenting behaviors and parental religiosity are both variables that are related to child emotional and behavioral development. However, there is limited research on the relationship between parenting behaviors and the development of children in the Orthodox Jewish community, especially in the examination of positive child outcomes. This study was informed by the Parent Developmental Theory (PDT; Mowder, 2005) and the domains of positive and negative parenting behaviors identified within. Child developmental outcomes were examined for the presence of externalizing problematic behaviors, internalizing problematic behaviors, and adaptive skills. For the current study, 29 participants completed a demographic questionnaire (including a self-rating of religious adherence), the Parent Behavior Importance Questionnaire – Revised (PBIQ-R), and the Parent Rating Scales of the Behavioral Assessment for Children – 2nd Edition (BASC-2). Findings revealed that in this sample of Orthodox Jewish parents, (a) parenting behaviors involved in the PDT domains of Bonding and General Welfare and Protection were significantly negatively associated with child externalizing problematic behaviors and (b) parenting behaviors involved in the PDT domains of Bonding, Education, General Welfare and Protection, Responsivity, and Sensitivity were significantly positively associated with child overall adaptive skills and specific adaptive behaviors involved in adaptability, social skills, and activities of daily living. Exploratory analysis of the association between self-identified level of religious adherence to parenting behaviors and child outcomes produced non-significant results. The research results and limitations of the current study are discussed, along with implications for the field of school-clinical child psychology.

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Bitter, Eitan J, "Parenting Perceptions and Child Behavioral and Emotional Development in an Orthodox Jewish Sample" (2014). ETD Collection for Pace University. AAI3581144.



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