An exploratory investigation of below-the-line cost components for soap opera production in New York City

Francis B Messmore, Pace University


This dissertation is entitled "An Exploratory Investigation of Below-the-Line Cost Components for Soap Opera Production in New York City." High production costs of television soap operas are a major problem affecting development of the industry in New York City. Control and reduction of production costs offer possibilities of greater production revenue for the city. The major question is, what can be done to control these costs? Soap operas are taped in studios located in different parts of New York City as well as in other cities. It would seem logical that considerable cost reduction could be achieved by the centralization of production facilities, and allowing their utilization by more than one television show originating in New York City. Presently, seven soap operas are taped in New York City. ABC (American Broadcasting Company) produces Loving, Ryan's Hope, All My Children and One Life to Live; CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) produces As the World Turns and Guiding Light; and NBC (National Broadcasting Company) produces Another World. The research is limited to soap opera production in New York City. Also, only below-the-line costs are considered. No costs for directors, writers or talent (above-the-line costs) are considered. Thesis format. The dissertation is divided into four sections. These are: (1) A history of soap opera production. (2) A discussion of programming and production. Special emphasis is given to various tasks which must be performed. (3) The ideal studio complex, designed to obtain cost efficiencies with plans. (4) A comparison of costs for current and proposed operations with figures.

Subject Area

Theater|Motion Pictures|Management

Recommended Citation

Messmore, Francis B, "An exploratory investigation of below-the-line cost components for soap opera production in New York City" (1988). ETD Collection for Pace University. AAI8914658.



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