A model for improving consumer acceptance of telemarketing

John Wyman, Pace University


The objective of this study is to gain more information about consumers' receptivity to proactive telemarketing and to test the hypothesis that a descriptive model can properly separate and classify consumers into segments of acceptance or non-acceptance of a proactive telemarketing call based on demographics, importance of the attributes of the call, and telemarketing experience. A telemarketing effectiveness model was developed and tested using a discriminant analysis. It was found that seven of the independent variables were significant in properly classifying the respondents into acceptance or non-acceptance groups. The four demographic variables were level of education, total family income, age and gender. The two calling attributes that were important were the company calling had a good reputation and the consumer had an interest in the product or service offered. The telemarketing experience variable involved the consumer accepting the telephone as an acceptable way of obtaining information or purchasing products or services. The model successfully classified 64% of the non-acceptor group and 70% of the acceptors. The model was then tested, and in this case properly classified, 73% of the non-acceptors and 69% of the acceptors. The telemarketing effectiveness model can be very useful in developing successful telemarketing programs. A potential user of this model can utilize or manage all seven of the variables within the model. The result of applying this model will benefit both the businesses and consumers by better understanding the consumers' needs and better targeting of telemarketing programs. (Abstract shortened with permission of author.)

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Wyman, John, "A model for improving consumer acceptance of telemarketing" (1989). ETD Collection for Pace University. AAI8923198.



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