An evaluative study of a preschool speech and language program, 1980-1989

Domenic De Santis, Pace University


In 1979, the New Rochelle, New York School District established a preschool speech and language program known as the Pre School Speech and Language Learning Center. To date, this program has never been evaluated. One hundred and fifty-one children were identified as program participants during the period 1981-1989 and data were collected from five sources: (1) interviews with program staff, (2) examination of founding documents, (3) analyses of student records, and (4) questionnaires completed by speech and language clinicians not affiliated with the New Rochelle School District, and parents of the present and past PSSLLC students. Of the 151 children who participated in the program during these years, 126 (80%) student files were found. The data were collated across several categories: (a) demographics, (b) psychological measures at program admission, (c) exit and follow-up evaluations, (d) speech and language measures for the same time periods, and, (e) individual educational plans. A number of indices suggested that some positive change did occur, i.e., clinical, informal observations indicated specific speech and language deficits were less apparent by the end of the program.

Subject Area

Educational psychology|Language arts|Preschool education

Recommended Citation

De Santis, Domenic, "An evaluative study of a preschool speech and language program, 1980-1989" (1994). ETD Collection for Pace University. AAI9419255.



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