Originally published in Acta Crystallographica: Crystallographic Communications, (2018). E74, 309–312

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There are few reports that describe crystal structures of compounds containing cobalt complexed to either dimethyl sulfoxide (Me2SO) or quinoline (C9H7N). The title compound, [Co(C2H6OS)6][CoCl3(C9H7N)]2, is a cobalt salt in which the metal ion is complexed to both Me2SO and quinoline. In particular, we observed that anhydrous cobalt(II) chloride reacts with quinoline in Me2SO to form a salt that is to be formulated as [CoII(Me2SO)6]2+{[CoIICl3quinoline]2 ‾ }. The CoII atom in the cation portion of this molecule lies on a inversion center and is bound to the O atoms of six Me2SO moieties in an octahedral configuration, while the CoII atom in the anion is attached to three chloride ligands and one quinoline moiety in a tetrahedral arrangement.

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