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From the foreword by Durwood Zaelke, President, Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development, Washington, DC.

“Since the beginning of time, human knowledge and culture have been passed down through stories. Short stories, songs, prayers, poems, even paintings can stick in your mind forever. These have always been the most powerful ways we learn and remember.

Tony is not only one of the world’s greatest lawyers, he is also one of the world’s greatest storytellers.

This book, in which he generously shares his experiences, his scars, and most importantly his humanity, is Tony’s gift to generations to come.

But he does not entrust us with his life stories for entertainment. These stories have a purpose.

As Tony reminds us all, the time for taking is over. And the time for talking is over. These stories are a call to action.

Through humor, beauty and sometimes fear, Tony brilliantly demonstrates how we can and we should ‘paint our future.’ He opens our minds to the possibilities for brighter surroundings.

Concepts like creative justice and the law of life, are simple yet brilliant examples of how we must learn to interact with the world around us.

This is not a textbook meant just for lawyers, policymakers or scientists. Rather it distills concepts like law, diplomacy and observation to show where we need to go and how we can get there.

Whether it be writing, singing or painting, Tony has always had a gift for storytelling. This is a storybook for the future, and we are lucky to have Tony showing all of us the way.”