Master in Management for Public Safety and Homeland Security Professionals Master's Projects

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It has become apparent that true preparedness for a catastrophic event requires a strong local component. However, the patchwork of full and part time operators in a range of disciplines preparing for a variety of responsibilities creates the risk of an inexact or inefficient response. As a result, this document will support the idea that in order to improve the level of preparedness of municipalities, one full time police officer should be assigned to the newly created position of Homeland Security Officer (HSO), and be tasked with all manner of responsibilities for the most effective example of homeland security.

This Project will introduce the Homeland Security Officer position; its responsibilities and justifications. Various chapters will examine the position through the prisms of Management, Public Sector Policy Analysis, Multi-disciplinary Collaboration, and Public Health Emergencies. Two Strategic Plans are included: one for the Police Department of Pleasantville, New York, and a second for Terrorist Threats associated with living and / or working as an American in Germany. Specific threats to Pleasantville are also considered. A Threat Assessment of an attack similar to the one on Mumbai in 2008; and a Model Based Vulnerability Analysis (MBVA) of the Critical Infrastructure of the Drinking Water supply. Finally, there are some larger issues considered: Constitutional Issues in Homeland Security and International Human Rights Concerns for America.