Master in Management for Public Safety and Homeland Security Professionals Master's Projects

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This paper reviews one of the leading threats that the United States faces: natural disasters. As the rate, strength, and cost of damages increases, so too does the vulnerabilities of the country’s security and that of its people’s. This paper highlights several significant points that surround the topic of natural disasters. First, identifying first the importance of such a topic and the threats that natural disasters pose; and, secondly, how to manage those threats. This paper shows the development of a strategic plan that incorporates a multidisciplinary approach, intelligence gathering, and an assessment of the proposed plan. This strategy identifies shareholders and stakeholders and other key players involved in this topic such as the Emergency Services Sector, first responders, and FEMA. In addition, this paper demonstrates the effect that natural disasters have on human rights issues, ethical issues, as well as the public health. The main goals of this paper are to identify and discuss the impact that natural disasters have on the safety and security of this nation and to mitigate the vulnerabilities that come in the aftermath of a disaster.