Master in Management for Public Safety and Homeland Security Professionals Master's Projects

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Keeping the nation resilient; that is a nation able to withstand any threat or catastrophe is a primary goal of the United States Government. Ever since 9-11 our nation has had to face the reality that we can be vulnerable to threats from forces outside our control. We have had to re-examine the threats that we face and how we can better deal with them in the best way possible.

The following project will explore the many facets connected to making a resilient society. My area of expertise within the emergency services management gives me the unique perspective as a first responder.

Putnam County does not have a full time ambulance / fire corp. so it relies on the volunteers and some paid employees to service the county. Reducing response times for ambulances in Putnam County was explored to provide more efficient aid and transport on the scene. There are recommendations for the county in how to achieve this goal.

Leadership is of the utmost important to get the most service out of your staff. A manager who uses the strengths of his people to move the agenda forward is essential. The top-down management style of the past does not work when you are trying to create collaborative with others to reach your goals.

We evaluated the Mahopac Ambulance Corp. and exploring what things that are in place will work and recommendations for future growth. All the while we are cognizant of the Constitutional issues that arise in emergency services area.

As we explored various scenarios that could be perpetrated upon us, we looked for ways to cut time and budget to efficiently garner the best possible. Emergency Medical Services is one part of the overall plan to keep us safe and to mitigate the losses in any incident. We are constantly planning, evaluating and adjusting our strategies to achieve the best results. No longer can we merely look at ourselves as a local entity but we must see ourselves as global citizens who are affected by incidents that occur worldwide. Partnering with the private and public sectors will strengthen our approach to implement our mission to provide superior care to our community stakeholders.