Alyssa Donigan


Original document was submitted as an honors thesis requirement. Copyright is held by the author.

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As society continually progresses with on-line resources, many business executives utilize social media to promote their brands conveniently and effectively. Not only do businesses strive to use social media effectively for their company, but decision-makers and consultants try to find new ways to use social media for profitable use. Companies employ social media outlets such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to promote products, services, and brands worldwide. Some characteristics include blogs, social media websites, virtual social worlds, content communities, collaborative projects, and advertising. Businesses that understand the current reporting of social media use these tactics for marketing and advertising. Advertising agencies use social media effectively based on the needs and wants of consumers. Throughout this thesis, consumer feedback will be revealed through the use of questionnaires as primary research to identify what personality types affect the relationship between consumer involvement and engagement with attitudes towards social media and consumer brand perception.