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Adventure tourism management is one of the fastest growing sectors in the tourism market, and while much is known about the rapid expansion of this niche as well as the consumers of it, little is known about its management side. This study seeks to discover why managers enter this industry and what keeps them here, while also gathering demographic data. The data gathered from this study will help flesh out the little information there currently is about the managerial aspect of the industry. The results of this study can be used to better recruit and train future employees, a vital aspect for such an expansive industry. To gather the data necessary for this study, a questionnaire was sent out to adventure tourism operators around the globe. The most vital questions from this asked respondents what caused them to enter to industry, what keeps them in the industry, and what factors they rank as their top reasons for choosing their current job. The results of this study show that the answer to the question “Why do managers enter the adventure tourism industry?” is in fact, the industry. Individuals flock to this industry because of their love of adventure activities, their desire to travel, and the fun associated with the industry. This study also illustrated that managers stay with the industry because they enjoy their jobs and the industry they’re in. The data gathered also helps show that many entrepreneurs in the industry can be classified as lifestyle entrepreneurs. This research has gathered previously unknown insights to the industry. The data gathered shows the driving factors behind those running the industry, and helps shed light on what could be done to further improve the work they do.