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This project seeks to examine feminism through the widely accessible means of comedic performance. I have written, created, and acted in a web series that I established for several reasons: namely, to diffuse information about the oppressions that female-identifying individuals face in their everyday life as well as in the larger scheme of existence, but also to attempt to create a community of intersectional communication and collaboration where women can go to express their grievances and inspirations as well as seek comfort for the issues that plague them by nature of their gender identification. The show, Femiliar, is a sketch comedy web series consisting of one-minute episodes, released weekly, that satirize problematic ideologies pervasive throughout modern society. I have been able to garner hundreds of views on the various videos I have released and hope to continue to inspire a change of thought in people who are not affected directly by these issues, and to foster a sense of hope for those who are. I have addressed common issues such as catcalling and pop culture’s portrayal of women, but also less-recognized problems like oppressive female clothing and the perceived ownership of women by their spouses and fathers.