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Infrastructure in the New York Metropolitan Area has been seriously underfunded due to a failure of public investment on the local, state and federal level. Prior research has presented concrete reasoning that the now crumbling infrastructure will seriously affect economic growth and worker productivity. This research seeks to quantify the economic effects as a result of this failing infrastructure. My research asks: what are the concrete, additional economic expenditures, due to failing infrastructure, that drivers spend each year? How much do these economic costs decrease our economic productivity, and how do the economic costs compare with proposed infrastructure improvements? From the research, it is evident drivers in the New York-Newark NY-NJ Metropolitan Statistical Area experience some of the highest of these costs than other areas in the Combined Statistical Area. It is projected the 2018 economic cost to these drivers will be $2,045 based on the value of one’s time lost spend in traffic. With a continued lack of investment, these costs are expected to grow due to continued infrastructure failure and a growing population. Various programs have been proposed to alleviate specific bottlenecks in the region, but a coordinated source of investment from local, state and federal levels remains a major issue in securing funding for these projects.