Devin McMahon


B.A. Stage Management

Advisor: Chris Zaccardi

Pace School of Performing Arts - Dyson College of Arts & Sciences

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The position of Company Manager for Pace School of Performing Arts productions was created for the Fall 2019 semester. I had the privilege of being the Company Manager for the first production of the fall, To Clothe the Naked , and then was asked to fill the role again for the final show of the semester, dance sPace ‘19 . I was excited for this opportunity, as it allowed me to take what I had learned and what had been perfected about the duties of the position and put it into my final show at Pace. Throughout the process, my goal was to find the balance of how a knowledge of professional company management could be adapted and executed in an educational setting. In this paper, I will discuss how this production offered me the chance to bring together the knowledge I had received from my class in Company & General Management the previous Fall, my experience in the role for a previous production, and my experience working professionally on internships and interacting with professional company managers into a capstone for my college career. The company management position offers a wide variety of duties that one must tackle and necessitates interacting with all members of the production to accomplish these tasks successfully, and I will also address my handling of this on the production of dance sPace . Finally, I will share how I arrived at my decision to create a guidebook for the position, and how I hope that this will impact those who later take on this job in the B.A. Stage Management program.

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