Tanner Maple


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Design

Advisor: Brenda McManus, Art Department

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The map of a university is an essential tool for students, not only for navigation but also to promote the campus. When the map is outdated, students don’t find it functional and it can not complete its purpose. With the map of Pace University’s downtown campus, a new design was needed to go with the renovations that are taking place. When redesigning the map, features that are seen amongst the most common maps should be considered in the design. One feature that most maps now have is some sort of interactivity. To include this, maps have an online version that students can access from phones or computers. In my designs, I have redesigned the current map in a manner that is more beneficial to current students. While the designs stand on their own, they are also the basis for a more expanded design in the future. In this project, I am addressing the need for a more modern and functional system for the navigational needs for the Pace University community.