Major: Finance

Faculty Advisor: Professor Burcin Col

Lubin School of Business

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Fintech, or financial technology, is an up and coming industry and yet at the same time has been around since the 1950s. In Europe and Asia, there has been a lot of innovation, and lawmakers have been forced to keep up with regulating the rapidly growing industry. However, the United States has not risen to the occasion of properly regulating this industry and can learn from countries in Europe and Asia on how to effectively regulate fintech. This essay explains generally what fintech is, why it must be properly regulated, how countries in Europe and Asia regulate it, and how the US should begin to implement their own regulations. Fintech is already a lucrative business that will just continue to spread and grow. However, without the proper regulation, it could become a hazard that affects many different people, but with the proper regulations, it can become a very helpful and profitable tool. Using the method of comparative analysis, the objective of this thesis is to make a recommendation for how the United States can begin regulating fintech.