Arts and Entertainment Management

Advisor: Dr. Shinwon Noh

Department of Management and Management Sciences

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The purpose of this study is to analyze why there are fewer East and Southeast Asian Americans in the American pop music industry compared to other ethnicities and to see what factors influence these statistics. The data analyzed consisted of five interviews, all of whom were involved in the music industry as either musicians or managers. Data from the most recently signed artists to the top three major music companies, Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Universal Music Group, was also analyzed to see the most popular genre signed and most frequent ethnicity signed. From the data gathered from the record companies it was concluded that Pop music was the most likely signed genre and that White Americans were the most likely signed artists and more K-Pop artists were signed than Asian American artists. It was also concluded that the lack of representation in the participants' youth made an impact on why they wanted to pursue music. There was also a cultural pressure, from their parents or family, for the participants, but that they continued on the path they wanted to pursue and that mentorship from others in the industry played a big part in their pursuit in their fields.