Cayley Plotkin


Advisor: Chris Ramos

Arts and Entertainment Management

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The Walt Disney company and all of its heavily branded mastermind keep much of its planning and strategy under wraps from the general public. Although it has been observed amongst fans and business people how Disney markets their products and what their strategy looks like, it has not been compared between two similar projects that have followed the same strategic path. This paper will examine and compare the branding strategies of “Beauty and the Beast” and “Mary Poppins” from screen to stage and back to the screen again in hopes to better understand why one title may take in more at the box office than the other. In order to answer this question, interviews were held to examine the monetary success of all six iterations of these titles. What was discovered was that two out of three times, one title reigned supreme based on box office sales. For future research, this would open up doors to how Disney can better formulate strategies between different areas of the business while also deciding what kind of content to invest their expensive resources into. 3