Belinda Ung


Advisor: Dr. Shinwon Noh

Arts and Entertainment Management

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It is critical that we observe the expanding Asian American landscape in the context of today’s evolving music business. The purpose of this research paper is to analyze how and to what extent parental expectations, peer pressure, and levels of self-identity affect the career outcomes Asian Americans in their pursuit of music careers. The data analyzed consisted of five personal interviews, all of whom are involved in music production and/or performance. It was concluded that familial pressure impacted participants more so than peer pressure in their adolescence and self-identity became a more influential factor in adulthood. Additionally, the advancement of technology has generally provided a more accessible platform for creatives, leaving artists to experiment with various resources and platforms. Rather than separating “traditional” and “nontraditional” careers, there may be an budding trend in integrating both pathways.