Advisor: Rebecca Stuard

BFA Acting Minor Computer Science

Dyson School of Arts & Sciences

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Conflict resolution theories have sparked debates about efficiency and morality in Peace and Justice settings since the declaration of the area of study. In our current world, access to information about political conflicts is becoming more and more accessible with the continual growth of social media platforms. This seemingly never ending stream of coverage about conflicts motivated me to research what kinds of conflict resolution techniques were being implemented today. After taking the time to read multiple different theories about conflict resolution I started to notice a pattern between my own experiences with improv and what was being presented in the conflict resolution theories. This led me to my thesis: there is a positive correlation between the teachings of improv and theories of conflict resolution. Observing multiple current-day examples of how improv can improve self-concept and interrelations between smaller groups in the workplace, I believe that these teachings can be explored on a larger, more political level. Throughout my paper, I will show the similarities between different improv schools and different theories of conflict resolution and will also present five sketch comedy scenes that showcase the different areas of improv/conflict resolution that I explored.

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