Emily Latshaw


Major: Arts and Entertainment Management

Department of Management

Advisor: Professor Chris Ramos

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Global warming and its detrimental effects are evident in all aspects of life. Event companies, a serious offender in this, have begun implementing sustainable practices into their events. Previous literature has extensively studied the effects of events on the environment, as well as potential mitigations and ways to lessen said effects. While past scholarship focused on the events, there has been minimal research done on the event managers. There is reason to believe that some event planners, who have an innate desire to be sustainable, can help the event industry become more environmentally-focused. The purpose of this study is to examine how event organizers with a personal passion for the environment can create a shift in the event industry towards sustainability. To conduct this study, primary research was completed through structured interviews. These interviews were used to gain information from those working in the field. Three themes surfaced as a result of these interviews: defining moments, clear values, and positive changes. The participants’ responses focused on what caused them to dedicate their work to sustainability, as well as the basis for the values of their companies. They all also mentioned a change in the industry as a whole occurring, which was something not discussed in previous literature. Findings of this study suggest that event organizers understand the issues that events cause the environment, have taken it upon themselves to fully support the change through dedicated efforts, and notice the shift that is beginning to take place because of companies like their own and people like themselves.