Design Thinking in Developing a Visual Brand Identity: Reimagining Pace University’s Art Department Open House Brochure

Alexandra Gallagher

Document Type Thesis

Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing

Advisor: Brenda McManus, Art Department


This paper will use the Design Thinking method to examine the importance of a visual identity within a brand and incorporating this into Pace University's Art Department Open House Brochure. As a studio-based collaboration effort with Graphic Design Professor, Brenda McManus, a contemporary brochure was developed. Although new, branding factors such as familiarity and congruence were taken into account in order for this brochure to be seen as “ownable” to Pace University as a whole. While adhering to the university’s strict brand guidelines, a modern design was conceived to accurately reflect the overall message and values that the art department promises to both current and prospective students.