Abigail Jasak


Contributor: Professor Chris Ramos

Major : Arts and Entertainment Management

School and Department Affiliation: Pace University, Lubin School of Business

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Since the beginning of 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has severely impacted many aspects of almost every industry worldwide. This paper will cover the financial effect that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on production crew members working within the theater industry. Research will be conducted through literature review, evaluating similar historical events and current discussions throughout the industry, and one-on-one structured interviews with production crew members who were financially impacted by the pandemic. The main goal of this thesis is to examine the different financial situations of production crew members and determine if management and production companies within the industry were successful in financially supporting their employees throughout this difficult time. The Covid-19 pandemic began at the beginning of 2020 and is still ongoing as this research is being completed, due to the emergence of the Delta variant. Due to new discoveries and changes that will occur as the pandemic continues, this research will be updated as necessary but may not be entirely reflective of present-day situations.