B.A. Art

Advisor: Professor Roger Sayre, Art Department

Presentation Date: 30 April 2022

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Artist Statement

My work explores the relationship between physical and digital mediums. I aim to create digital images that looks as if they could be a traditional media. I am interested in how the two forms relate to one another and how digital manipulation affects physical artwork. I shoot and develop the black and white photographs used in this work: I am interested in the way that black and white is not just black and white, but many in-between shades as well.

To a digital element, I create glitch gifs from my images and use augmented reality to display these gifs over the artwork, so it looks as if they are glitching right in front of you: marrying physical, the piece displayed in front of you, and the digital, the A.R. gif.

I play with the idea of memory, and how the past is simply just a story we tell ourselves. The past is captured with my photographs, and I use digital manipulation to transform them into something new while still holding the essence of the old.

My work takes a lot of influence from contemporary digital artists, such as Petra Cortright and Jesse Draxler. Cortright’s digital manipulation of images and her gifs were some of my earlier inspirations for this project. I enjoy the way she lightheartedly plays with digital mediums. Draxler was my main inspiration in terms of aesthetics because of his dark and contrasty images. I feel that my work has a blend of not being too precious with my photographs while keeping the sensuality that comes with black and white film, blending Cortrights playfulness and Draxlers aesthetics.