Riley Pranian


Business Economics

Advisor: Dr. Kier Hanratty

Department of Economics

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The art of film has captivated the world for generations — a central component of the captivation is the actors showcased on-screen. But unfortunately, the film industry is male-dominated. Since 1970, the consumption of media by adults and adolescents has increased (Vogel, 2020). This study will determine the relationship between a cast's female-to-male ratio and a film's revenue. The initial hypothesis is that the more women present in the cast, the higher the revenue - this relationship is assumed through increased demand for movies and the need for role models among women. This study’s foundation is the presence of a positive externality and econometrics. The addition of genre will play a role in the evaluation. After running three regression models, the conclusion is that a film's gender ratio does not affect its revenue. However, this research is essential to building a more equitable entertainment industry for the future of cinema.

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