Julia Hansen


Arts & Entertainment Management

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Digital Media has impacted the ways in which people consume and engage with media, and this change influences the strategies of television networks, from content style, production practices, and distribution methods. This study explores the implications of digital media in television strategies through the examination of NBC’s The Tonight Show, first through a comparative analysis of historical host, Johnny Carson, to the show's most recent host, Jimmy Fallon. This analysis found that the two hosts have contrasting personalities which cater well to the audiences of their time. Additionally, it was discovered that the programming of the show has grown more segmented from historical episodes to modern-day, and there were more opportunities for audience engagement through social media. The results from this comparative analysis were then considered further through an analysis of The Tonight Show’s YouTube channel. Videos from the YouTube Channel were studied to better understand the strategies of NBC in distributing their content digitally through this platform. The results of this analysis suggest that the programming methods of The Tonight Show are formatted in a way that allows for an easy transition into a digital media space and high audience engagement across multiple platforms. Keywords: