Arts & Entertainment Management

Advisor: Soyoung Kim

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We have found ourselves in a digital era. For the past ten years, the public’s Internet usage per day has skyrocketed across all age groups, which in turn, has had an effect on the print industry (e.g. books, magazines, newspapers). As technology has progressed, many have turned to online magazines and journals to receive their fashion news. Given this rapid advance in digital technology, in my honors thesis, I plan to focus on the effect of digital media on print, specifically in the context of fashion magazines. Specifically, I will explore the history of the fashion magazine, its efforts to stay relevant, and make predictions about the future of print magazines. Overall, I predict that while the magazine industry continues to branch off into various other digital alternatives in order to stay relevant, print will continue to serve as an important fashion news outlet, as the fashion industry and demand for fashion news will continue to grow. Following these predictions, I have also created an original fashion magazine issue, available both digitally and in print. The content of this magazine includes advertisements, articles, and interviews that highlight the future of the fashion industry, as well as current trends and relevant topics.