Leanna Machado


Major: Computer Science

Minor: Biology

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Zhan Zhang

Seidenberg School Of Computer Science and Information Systems

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Emergency calling services have continued to use the 9-1-1 phone number to share information about a medical emergency for around 60 years. However, there are limitations to the current emergency call services that can have improved communication, speed, and accuracy with the implementation of advancing technology. By examining the experience and opinions of 9-1-1 medical emergency callers, we are able to investigate the design of 9-1-1 services to enhance the call experience. The major challenges found in the study are difficulty in verbally explaining the emergency situation and difficulty in describing the location of the emergency. Technologies such as location sharing, text chat, and video calling were suggested and favored to mitigate the challenges. Such features should be considered in the design of future 9-1-1 emergency calling services.