Amrita Deonanan


Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing Advisor: Soyoung Kim, Marketing Department

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This paper takes a deeper look into Generation Z’s current relationship with luxury brands to gain a better understanding of how to successfully advertise and gain the loyalty of this cohort long-term. By exploring the psychographics of Generation Z consumers and gaining a feel for their lifestyles, shopping habits, and purchase behavior, digital advertisements were developed for five luxury brands to appeal to these consumers through working with graphic design elements that will lure Generation Z consumers to purchase from these brands. In order for Generation Z consumers to identify with the luxury brands illustrated in the digital advertisements, fundamentals of design including composition, layout, color, and photography were displayed to best attract these consumers. By thoroughly analyzing the behavior and preferences of Generation Z consumers, I have developed and executed five digital advertisements of the luxury brands Balmain, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and the latest Generation Z luxury brand, Telfar, to not only appeal to these consumers, however, but also to develop long-lasting relationships with them to ensure their loyalty in the years to come. After both photographing and designing the creative advertisements, I found that the significance of luxury brands to Generation Z consumers lies in the connection, originality, and self-esteem they feel in their everyday lives.

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