Katie Carnaroli


BFA Commercial Dance Minor in Arts & Entertainment Management

Advisor: Rachel L. Dolan

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This research evaluates the spectrum between mental adversities and mental triumphs that commercial dancers face within the four professional settings of auditions, training, rehearsals, and performances. As a senior commercial dance major at Pace University, I have found myself in many facets of the dance industry within my four years of higher education wondering how certain environments either took away or fueled my love for dance. I sought to conduct a Qualtrics survey that was completed by college dance majors and professional dancers expressing their experiences of the positive and negative connotations of the mental grit that is required of this art form. This study aims to initiate a conversation about what is truly asked of professional dancers in their industry and how it affects their passion and love for dance. Responses from the survey illustrate personal experiences within the settings of auditions, training, rehearsals, and performances as well as acknowledging the presence of stress that accompanies this profession. It is valuable knowledge that needs to be shared to contribute to the transparency of a career in the performing arts.

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