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This study explores the crucial relationship between employee training and its influence on motivation and performance within the sports industry, focusing on insights from Athletic Directors within the Pace University Athletic Department. Through three comprehensive, in-depth interviews with these key stakeholders, the study aims to discern the effects of targeted, effective training and clear goal setting on employee motivation and performance outcomes. The insights gathered from the Athletics Directors at Pace University reveal a strong correlation between well-designed, efficient training programs and heightened motivation. When training initiatives are aligned with clear objectives and goals, employees exhibit increased levels of enthusiasm, commitment, and job satisfaction. Importantly, these motivated employees consistently achieve performance levels that exceed expectations, showcasing the profound impact of strategic training on work effectiveness within the sports sector.

This study emphasizes the importance of investing in tailored training programs that align with both organizational objectives and individual needs. The findings contribute to the existing body of knowledge on training’s pivotal role in shaping employee motivation and driving exceptional performance in the competitive realm of the sports industry.

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