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Medicine is a pivotal aspect in life for any individual. It provides a guideline for an individual well-being, along with nurturing and caring responsibilities he or she has towards another. However, statistics have shown that millions of men, women, and children around the world lack access to basic medical necessities. This paper will focus on diseases, such as tuberculosis that can be easily contained and cured often run rampant amongst families and neighbors living in the slums in Haiti. It will also explain the economic discrepancies, political imbalance, and social issues that govern health care in developing countries such as Haiti. It will correlate the lack of financial support with the presence of poverty, by emphasizing that developing countries receive less funding because they are underdeveloped. Furthermore, I will also cover the basis of accessing health care as an inherent human right. This emphasizes on understanding the social barriers or difficulties that prevent the production of an adequate health care system, not only in Haiti, but in other poor countries as well.