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Bioterrorism utilizes viruses, bacteria, fungi and toxins to cause mass sickness or death in people, animals, or agriculture. The use of bioterrorism may be ideal for terrorists, because these agents are difficult to detect, and people may not become sick for a few hours or even days, allowing for the ability to cover their trail. Microbial Forensics is an up and coming field which utilizes the basic concepts of forensic biology in the application of pathogens. Some of the current technologies include rapid response hand-held bioassays, and genomic sequencing of the pathogens. Advanced technologies in the field are currently being further developed to investigate bio-crimes and bioterrorism threats such as the post 9/11 anthrax attacks. The field is vital to the prevention of bioterrorism and the conviction of bioterrorists. Since it is a relatively new field, standards need to be set to make it a valid practice, so it should be improved and further invested in for the sake of national security.