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Obesity is defined medically as having a BMI of over 30kg/m2. BMI is body mass index which is calculated by (weight in kg)/height in meters) 2. Obesity is an ongoing problem throughout the United States with over half the states having 20% to 24% of their population being classified as obese. In 2003 more than 300,000 people in this nation died from an illness that was related to being overweight or obese. Obesity affects many aspects of life including social skills, job opportunities, financial issues, and most importantly, health. What is causing these increasing statistics for obese Americans? There are multiple possible causes for obesity including genetics, culture, and medical history, but another factor to consider is technology. Over the years the American culture has adapted too many new technical advances. Through statistics for America and a survey taken by Pace University students, a link between technical advances and the number of obese people in the United States was concluded. Surveys have been done by the Center of Controlled Disease about the number of obese people in the country for multiple age groups. Pace University students were questioned about their TV, computer, video game, habits along with dietary habits and exercise routines. This data compared with the trends in new technical advances shows that with each new game system, TV sitcom, or new computer game Americans add on the pounds. Technology has shown to be both beneficial to a person's health but also can increase the laziness which leads to weight gain.