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I always knew I wanted to be a performer. My pre-school teacher actually pulled my mom aside one day explaining that I had been singing Jean Val Jean’s songs from Les Misérables in the block center. I used to put on shows in my basement, creating costumes, scripts and songs. I would ask my mom to hold a flashlight on me, in lieu of a spotlight, and perform for an audience of teddy bears and stuffed animals. I have always loved performing and always knew that I wanted to pursue it.

Though I loved performing and knew I could only be happy in the performing field, I knew it would be a tough, grueling business. People always speak of how hard “getting your foot in the door” is, and I was not disillusioned. I knew I would have to work hard to make my dream of performing come true. My attempt to break into the performing field and the culmination of four years of hard, determined, disciplined work come to fruition in this years Musical Theater Showcase. On May 15th, 16th, and 17th, I will perform for a company of agents, directors, casting directors, managers, producers and other industry people, displaying my hard work and talent in the hopes of getting noticed or the proverbial “getting my foot in the door.” Four years of grueling acting work, voice lessons, challenging dance classes and rigorous rehearsals all come to a head in my one-minute showcase package.

Professor Bob Cline, a working casting director and director in New York City, guided the senior class through the necessary steps to prepare for Senior Showcase. His guiding hand and mentoring adequately prepared us to enter the real world of auditioning. One lesson he taught us, and words that will carry with me is that success arises when preparedness meets opportunity. Professor Cline has prepared us; Showcase presents our first opportunity.